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Gina Ortiz-Jones Meets & Greets in Helotes, TX

Poli Pix ventured out to TX-23 to support Will Hurd’s Democratic challenger, Gina Ortiz-Jones with some event photography during a supporter event at Villareal Icehouse in Helotes, TX.

Gina has an incredible story, being a first-generation American born to immigrant parents and a former intelligence officer and Obama administration official.

Here are a few of the images we provided to her campaign team:


Beto’s Border Swing Through South Texas

Poli Pix joined Beto O’Rourke along a tour of 4 Central and South Texas cities as his promising campaign to unseat Ted Cruz is gaining ground in the polls and has already overshadowed Ted Cruz’s fundraising performance for 5 straight reporting periods.

Between August 17-18, Beto swung through local events hosted in San Antonio, Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville, Texas, firing up local activists as part of what his campaign is calling the Border Surge – a concerted effort to boost turnout in South Texas’ border communities.

San Antonio (8/17):

Laredo (8/17):

Laredo (8/18):

McAllen (8/18):

Brownsville (8/18):

Rise Up For Roe – Austin, TX

Poli Pix joined women’s choice advocates in Austin as part of NARAL & Planned Parenthood’s 10 city-tour to focus attention on stopping the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Among the participants were: Wendy Davis, former State Senator and Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate; Brittany Packnett, a firebrand civil rights activist; and Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund; and others.

Here are a few of shots from the event:

Deb Haaland & DPNM Labor Caucus in Albuquerque, NM

A little over a week ago, Poli Pix headed to Albuquerque to offer some quality images to the Deb Haaland for Congress campaign.

We are excited by her candidacy because when she’s elected by the people of New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, she’ll be the first Native American woman ever sent to the U.S. House.

Our nation’s Congress has never had a voice like hers, and we were honored to be able to help define that voice through the following photos:


Salt Lake City on the #RoadtoChange

All along the #RoadtoChange Tour, Poli Pix has observed audiences sometimes numbering over four, five, or six hundreds people; good folks wishing to learn from the experiences of the Parkland Shooting survivors and other gun safety activists while our nation remains gripped by inaction on gun violence.

At the event hosted at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah, pro-gun control supporters were met by a sizable contingent of some 200 participants of the Utah Gun Exchange – an online firearm retailing platform. Their presence created a tense situation for the event. Only days before its scheduled curtain time, at least one venue backed out of their commitment to host March For Our Lives, citing possible security concerns.

Additionally, we witnessed at least 7 shouting matches between gun activists on either side of the issue, and one poor sod who took it upon himself to decry – in the middle of the event – the panelists for allegedly offering false information on gun deaths. His actions were spurned by a thousand death stares and suggestions he get the f*$k out.

To be fair, Sam Robinson, one of the Utah Gun Exchange’s top brass, surprised at least this observer with what I took as a meaningful, if not PR-based, entree by offering to work with the activists on reducing gun deaths as long as it didn’t infringe on an American’s Second Amendment rights. Given the nature of what the Road to Change is about, we suggest they find ways to come together around tackling red-flag laws, instituting reasonable mandatory waiting periods to purchase a firearm, along with other commonsense reforms without the need to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens. That said, he and Bryan Melchior, another of the groups leaders, followed the activists around the nation in it signature armored and branded military style truck, normally outfitted with a replica machine gun which was removed.

Among the attendees were Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Democratic candidate for U.S. House in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, Ben McAdams.

See below for a sample of the event images we provided to the organization (23/127 images).

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Updated 09/04/2018: An earlier version of this post stated incorrectly the leaders of the Utah Gun Exchange were driving their company truck for MFOL events with its regular machine gun replica. That was amended to as written above thanks to additional information provided by the group.



#RoadtoChange Recalls Tragedy to Make Progress in Denver, CO

In one of Poli Pix’s more emotionally-profound stops along March For Our Lives’ #RoadtoChange tour, survivors and families affected by the tragic events at Columbine High School and other mass shootings shared their mission to ensure safer communities with a 1,000+ person audience in Denver, CO.

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Here’s a sample of images we provided to March For Our Lives:



#RoadtoChange’s Colorful Reception in Aurora, CO

March For Our Lives’ Road to Change Tour stopped in Aurora, CO, the infamous site of ‘The Dark Night Massacre’ – a mass shooting at a local movie theater that claimed the lives of 12 people and injured 70 others in July 2012.

Here are a few of the images we provided to the organization from our fully gallery of 126 photos.



#RoadtoChange Arrives in New Mexico

Poli Pix was so thrilled to run into so many of our friends in Albuquerque as part of our work documenting March For Our Lives’ Road to Change events throughout the Southwestern U.S. True to form, Albuquerque welcomed the student gun safety activists with a combination of lively music, art installation calling for an end to gun violence, and dancing – all at Albuquerque’s historic Roosevelt Park.

Here’s a sample of the full gallery we provided to the organization (23/109 images):



#RoadtoChange to the Sun City of El Paso, TX

March For Our Lives’ #RoadtoChange tour made a stop in Poli Pix Co.’s hometown of El Paso last month, sharing its vision for gun-sense communities and to usher in a new generation of voters into the political process.

Perhaps one of the most significant moments from the event for Poli Pix came from speaking with a local Republican, military veteran, and 2nd Amendment supporter about ways to come together and make progress on ending mass shootings. While he admitted that certain gun control laws don’t seem applicable to every community (in fact, El Paso is routinely rated as one of the safest cities in the U.S., so we get it), he understood the value of attending the event to hear the other side’s perspective. As a father, he found agreement with us that schools should be a safe place while respectfully disagreeing on the general access to guns in our society. We’re of the opinion that more conversations like this – underpinned by decorum and respect – should be happening; everywhere and all the time.

By our own account, the Parkland students and others have been pretty moderate in voicing their their policy goals. They’re looking for political leadership on establishing mandatory waiting periods to obtain firearms, on reconciling red flag laws to keep guns out of dangerous domestic environments, and on keeping guns out of classrooms. To that point, while there may be individuals in schools with concealed carry permits, it’s insane to us that the need for threat-neutralizing skills should ever hold more political importance than cultivating the next generation.

Here’s a sample of the full gallery we provided to the organization (32/102 images):





#RoadToChange Makes A Stand in San Antonio, TX

Students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School join Texas gun access activists in San Antonio for another #RoadtoChange tour stop. All along the tour, the students have voiced their experiences with gun violence across the nation and are building momentum for policy change that would make access to guns a more accountable process.

Here’s a sample of the full gallery we provided to the organization (31/96 images):


March For Our Lives Heads To Houston, TX

When March For Our Lives arrived at a #RoadtoChange event at Houston’s City Hall on July 8, we were there to capture the scene. Throughout this tour, student activists are leading an effort to bring young people into the political process. At each stop, we’re hearing directly from good people who have been impacted by gun violence in this country. Here’s a sample of the full gallery we provided to the organization (21/120 images):



March For Our Lives’ #RoadtoChange Tour in Dallas, TX

Poli Pix Co. has been BUSY! We were fortunate enough to be invited to contribute to March For Our Lives’ #RoadToChange Tour throughout the organization’s planned stops across Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

All along the ‘Road to Change’ the survivors-turned-activists from Parkland, Florida are joining other gun safety advocates for events to register and engage new voters in the political process. This event at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, TX drew and estimated 500-600 people.

Here’s a sample of the full gallery we provided to the organization (21/81 total photos):


Families Belong Together Rally – Brownsville, TX

1,000 miles to Brownsville.

That was the distance facing me in Missouri after I received a call from a Texas Civil Rights Project team member interested in booking Poli Pix Co. to help support their role in Thursday’s Families Belong Together Rally.

In the midst of national attention focused on the migrant crisis – erupting in family separation practices and inhumane conditions for those leaving violence in dangerous parts of the world – I paused with my opportunity to support one of the organizations leading closest to the ground.

“Count me in. I’ll be there.”

16 hours later I arrived in Brownsville to a1,500+ person crowd,  fired-up and in solidarity in the fight against the Trump regime. Here are some shots from the what happened next:


Beto O’Rourke speaks in Fort Worth, TX

During the Texas Democratic Party’s State Convention last week, Beto O’Rourke rallied Democratic activists from all over the state in a rousing speech about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take back Texas’ junior seat in the United States Senate. Many more photos are available from this gallery of Rep. O’Rourke and other statewide candidates at the podium. If you are interested in using these, please contact us and be prepared for our request to include a photo credit to Poli Pix Co.!


Still F*cking Standing w/Wendy Davis & Deeds Not Words

Five years ago, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis took a stand into history with an historic 13-hour filibuster in support of women’s reproductive choice throughout Texas. ‘The People’s Filibuster’ propelled her and campaign for Governor of Texas a year later. Poli Pix was honored to contribute to this important anniversary celebration in Fort Worth, hosted by Davis’ nonprofit, Deeds Not Words.

These photos make-up roughly 1/3 of the total gallery, soon available on it’s Facebook page:


Year of the Woman in full-swing at NM’s Democratic Party Unity Breakfast

Tuesday’s elections in New Mexico brought a well-earned primary win for Deb Haaland, an organizer and former Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair running for the U.S. House in NM-01. When she wins in November, she’ll be the first Native American woman sent to Congress in our nation’s history.

Haaland joined other Democrats including Michelle Lujan Grisham – the outgoing CD-1 U.S. Rep and Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nominee – at the traditional DPNM Unity Breakfast on Wednesday morning, held at Barelas Coffee House in southeast Albuquerque.