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All Against the Wall Rally

This Saturday, Poli Pix joined roughly 200 activists gathered in Santa Teresa, NM to protest the continued construction of the 2000+ mile border wall along the southern U.S. border.

With temperatures topping out at 100 degrees, demonstrators called attention to the ecological consequences of the structure across the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts, expressing collective dismay at the Trump administration’s spending on the structure.

New Mexico statewide Democratic primary candidates Billy Garrett, Garrett VeneKlasen, and Bill McCamley were in attendance.

Please contact us to view our full gallery of the event.



Jeff Apodaca in Santa Rosa, NM

Last night Poli Pix attended a community meet-and-greet welcoming Democratic gubernatorial candidate and media executive Jeff Apodaca to Santa Rosa, NM.


Billy Garrett for NM Lt. Gov

Billy Garrett, Dona Ana County Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, meets supporters at a Mesilla, NM fundraiser hosted by former NM State Representative J. Paul Taylor. The event was hosted at Rep. Taylor’s home, which is one of the oldest residential structures in Old Mesilla. Both the house and collection of art will be delivered to the State of New Mexico by Mr. Taylor’s estate.


Independents in Kansas City

Independents joined together for a conversation about ending the political duopoly held by both major political parties. Greg Orman (KS), Craig O’Dear (MO) and Nick Thomas (CO) – not pictured.

The business of the arts

Chicago’s Ben Brownson of Broken Nose Theater Company and Leadership Greater Chicago speaks with Wooly Mammoth Theater’s Meghan Pressman during a Leadership Greater Washington discussion on being successful in the business of the arts.

A Floral Vote

Canna blossoms frame the U.S. Capitol in one of Poli Pix’s favorite photos of all time.

Leadership Greater Washington Annual Meeting

LGW members – community leaders from across the Washington metro region – join for a jovial group shot during LGW’s 2016 Annual Meeting at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in Washington, DC.